Rules to play poker game

Playing poker is as easy as the players imagine. It has two types Draw poker and stud poker.

Each player in Draw poker holds five cards, and there is a round of biting between the dealers. Each player exchanges their cards for new ones to improve their hand. The second round of betting may follow this step. All other cards can be traded by the player with an Ace.

Each player in Stud poker is dealt five cards, with the first card facing down and the remaining four cards facing up during the betting round. The game will be won by the hand with the best cards. In the betting rounds, players are given four options :

If a player believes they have a strong hand, they may raise the stakes in order to keep playing. As a result, they subtly let other players know when they have a strong hand.

If a player believes they don't have enough cards to win and isn't motivated to expand their stack, they may lay down their cards. Players won't be able to win in this, but they also won't lose any more money.

When a player increases the stakes, the other players have to decide whether to match the amount increased by the raised player, fold their hand, or raise their own stakes.

The game may end via checking or passing on the choice to gamble if no one has upped the sum to continue.